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Businesses Fall Victim To Dark Web Cyber Crime

Is your company protected from the dark web? If not, you are probably leaving yourself open to hack attacks and cyber crimes. Hackers use dark web tools and resources to extract financial information, personal data, and credit card numbers. The data that they steal may include important customer data, corporate secrets, competitive intelligence, intellectual property, and assets and trade secrets. That’s why companies must make sure their systems are secure enough from hackers, and they must make sure they are monitoring their networks for any signs of trouble. If you want to know what steps you can take to secure your company’s network against external threats and you want to know what measures to take in the current environment, then read on.

Most people are familiar with the recent rash of cyber attacks against companies like Target, Home Depot, and Kmart. What many people do not realize, however, is that these attacks are not isolated incidents. While it is possible for a single computer system to be compromised, there are actually multiple factors that can contribute to an entire network being targeted by cyber criminals. As such, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive plan that will cover all aspects of your business, including:

o Identifying the source of cyber attacks. Most experts now agree that the most common way hackers attack businesses is through social media. Hackers find vulnerable websites that they can infiltrate and use the information they obtain to create havoc within an organization. These social media sites are often used to communicate between hackers and their associates. For instance, if an associate of a hacker is trying to create chaos in a retail outlet by spilling secrets inside of a company’s database, the hacker might use the social media site to coordinate attacks. The same thing goes for businesses that are open to the public: if an employee or manager has a bad day, he or she might put the website on blast and encourage colleagues to attack the company.

o Cyber Criminals Use Ransomware. In most cases, a cyber criminal has no intention of harming a business directly. However, if a business does not respond quickly enough to pay for what hackers have stolen, they may become financially ruined. In many cases, cyber criminals use ransomware to blackmail employees into paying the company for what they’ve stolen. While this method requires the help of extortion agents, it is one of the most effective ways to protect against cyber attacks.

o Monkphish. In addition to using social media to coordinate attacks, some attackers use what are called monkphish programs. These programs, which often look like legitimate antivirus programs, are designed to resemble legitimate programs on Windows PCs. However, once downloaded, they start sending out spyware, fake security alerts, and other malware to infect your PC without you ever knowing.

In short, the most successful and serious approach to combating cyber threats today comes in the form of a comprehensive strategy that takes the best practices from both spear phishing attacks and monkish attacks. Effective cyber hygiene combined with security awareness will defend any business from attackers that may be waiting in the wings. When it comes to combating this particular form of online harassment, do not take the threats you face at face value. Contact a professional who can help you understand what to do next. It may mean the difference between life and death for your company.

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