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Stefan Intson

Stefan Intson- The inventor of Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd

Boissevain, Manitoba May 14, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Stefan Intson is an innovator and serial entrepreneur who has created several successful brands. His association with the food and beverage industry is more than three decades old and during this period he has pioneered beverages that have gained recognition in global markets.

With an MBA in entrepreneurism, Stefan Intson created Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd as a beverage innovation company in 1998. One of their earliest products was coconut water. But Stefan Intson knew that the beverage industry held a lot more potential. This became the starting point of a journey of research and development that eventually led to the creation of 8 brands under Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd. Each of these brands has its unique product offering in the beverage industry making them ideal for different customer segments.

One of the biggest drivers in the research and development of the products under all these 8 brands was the need to create beverages that were organic and did not include artificial flavors. Stefan Intson emphasized making beverages that can promote good health and help customers stay fit. From tea and coffee to fruit-infused water, he wanted all beverages to make a higher contribution towards fitness when compared with other products in the market.

Recently, Stefan Intson has been leading the beverage industry in the area of pro-biotic and pre-biotic drinks. The brand Survive was launched by Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd as a beverage range with pro-biotics and pre-biotics that can support human health and help the body to function to its full potential. The range includes Survive R, Survive Kombucha, Apple Cider, Survive Satchels, and Survive Tonic Water. The Survive satchels are seen as an innovative product in the beverage industry and were awarded at the European Food and Beverage Program. These satchels are available in different flavors and can be used at any time of the day to stay hydrated and healthy.

In addition to building powerful beverage brands under Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd, Stefan Intson has also invested a lot of time in building other brands for which Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd provides private labeling services. With extensive knowledge and deep insights into the FMCG industry, Stefan Intson is in a strategic position to provide support to upcoming brands in global markets. His knowledge has been leveraged by many companies in the US, Europe, and several Asian countries to grow in their respective markets.

Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd’s OEM and private labeling services are often combined with total brand management and even product innovation for the company using their services. Stefan Intson ensures that companies who partner with Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd for private labelling enjoy complete manufacturing, supply, and logistics solutions which help businesses set up their own brands firmly in their local and even global markets. The success enjoyed by Stefan Intson Pvt Ltd today and the wide range of products and brands it offers is a direct result of the hard work and efforts put in by Stefan Intson not just in the early years of establishing the company but consistently encouraging innovation and putting in hard work through these three decades.

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